What Do FastBraces Cost?

by admin on September 28, 2012

This is another common question I get asked each week. FastBraces will cost you roughly $3000-$4000. Just about the same price as normal braces. What about Invisalign? These will run around $4500+.  Your dental insurance should cover this or at least up to half of the cost of them.  My dentists charged me only $2000 for my FastBraces. If your in Dallas, Tx or near Dallas and are considering FastBraces, contact me and I’ll give my dentists’ name.

Fastbraces vs normal braces? Why didn’t I get normal braces. What’s the difference. The amount of time you wear them. Fastbraces can fix your teeth in as little as a few months to about a year at the most. Normal braces can take 2 years minimum and longer. Ever see those people that seem to have had braces on forever year after year! These are the standard braces. I never understood why anyone now would select normal braces over FastBraces.  Invisalign braces or clear braces are a different story. Not everyone can qualify for Invisalign. The worst shape your teeth are in the less likely you are to qualify for Invisalign.  If you need minor correction and can afford Invisalign go for it.

So expect to pay around $3000-$4000 for FastBraces.

  • Dmd4148@gmail.com

    Please send me your dentist’s name! I’m in Dallas! Dmd4148@gmail.com

  • Crooked

    SoCal…My dentist said fast braces will cost me $6K but he’ll give it to me for a discounted price of $3K ??? :(

  • Shelley

    Please send your dentist’s name. miller1jones4@verizon.net (that’s a one after miller, not an el). Thanks!

  • Jpruu

    Hi! I’m also in the Dallas area and am interested in knowing who your dentist is @jpruit10@gmail.com

  • Nicole

    I too, am in Dallas. Please send me an email with your dentist name to jgolden07@yahoo.com

  • Victor

    send me your dentist info. thank you roavictor@ymail.com

  • Salinas Yo

    How much did u pay monthly?

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