How Fast Do Teeth Move With FastBraces?

by admin on September 29, 2012

Because I’m an adult my dentist told me my teeth would move a little slower than if I was younger (preteen/teenager/early 20′s ish). This is why if you are considering getting braces get them now and don’t wait. The earlier the better because you are still growing. Your bones are still growing and are more soft. With your jawbone being more soft it’s easier to move and shift your teeth around. The easier and faster your teeth move the less time you have to wear braces! Me being in my 30′s, I’m done growing. My jawbone has hardened and my teeth are more firmly in place therefore shifting the teeth will take longer.

Picture this. Remember when you were a little kid playing in the mud (ok maybe it was just me that did!). You were able to mold the mud when it was a wet into a ball or another shape. The mud was easy to shape! This is you jawbone when your a teenager. When you left the mud out in the sun, it dried up and became hard and stronger.  You couldn’t no longer mold it and shape it because it hardened. This is your jawbone when your an adult.

I monitored my teeth and noticed my top set up of teeth moved faster than the bottom set. My dentist even told me that to expect my top teeth to shift a lot faster.

Exactly how fast you ask? We’ll with braces your teeth are moving super slow each day but are not noticeable. I noticed in about 2-3 weeks my teeth were shifting. The only way to do this is to take photos or track your results. Which is what I did.

Can they move in a few days with braces? Yes. They do but again the movement is so small it’s unnoticeable. I just compare my teeth each month. I give myself 30 days. This allows me to see the greatest notice.  Read over my other blog posts throughout the site. The post were I show you results each month to see the difference and to get an idea on how fast they move with braces.

Wearing braces is a slow process.  But once you get them on each day your shifting them into place.  I was told by a previous dentist that it would take about a year and half but being at 7-8 months in my teeth have shifted to nearly perfection.


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