FastBraces Complaints

by admin on September 27, 2012

I got a lot of people asking me if I had any complaints using FB. I really don’t have any complaints. I mean, there braces in your mouth. When you first get them put in, it is a bit hard to adjust to just because you have something permanent in your mouth on your teeth for a year. Your teeth will be sore and lips might get blisters but this is normal with any braces. If you look at my earlier post during the beginning months you’ll notice the discomfort I had but now being in 7-8 months in I’ve gotten so use to them. I can eat just about anything even chips!

I got emailed the other day from a girl who said she was scared to get them because she read online someone who had FB had teeth fall out or something like that. I told her first off this is probably 1 in a hundred thousand cases where this has happened and second, for all we know the person could have had the FastBraces put on wrong, she probably wasn’t messing with them, who know!  There could have been tons of reason for that happening that we don’t know the details too. I told her not to blame that one story from stopping her getting braces.

As a person who’s currently wearing FastBraces now I really have no complaints about them.

You will have discomfort in the beginning as your teeth are shifting and moving. You will probably get blisters on your lips from the metal of the braces rubbing but overtime your lips will adjust and no longer be irritated. There will be pain during the beginning. I would say the first 1-3 months because this is where the most shifting and adjusting takes place. As the months go by you won’t feel that much pain.

Getting food in your braces every time you eat is probably my biggest complaint but this is with any braces this is normal. I’ve gotten use to it. I always have water beside me when eating. I use to do the toothbrush thing thinking I’d have to carry one around with me but no — I didn’t really see the point in carrying it around all the time since rinsing water in your mouth was just as good and effective. But other than that small complaint, I have nothing to complain about.

I am ready to take them off but it’s a process and takes time shifting each teeth in place. My dentist described the process like a puzzle, adjusting the teeth one at a time until they all align properly.

The job of the FastBraces were to straighten my teeth fast. Within a year. Read my blog. See the proof. They have straightened perfectly and all within a year so far. No complaints from me.

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